A.M. & P.M. Shower Steamers Bundle

£25 £34

A Good Day starts with a MORNING JOY & ends with a BEDTIME RELAXATION! 

Are you craving the relaxation of a bath but living in a house without one? We have the perfect solution for you, introducing the scented A.M. & P.M. Shower Steamers!

A.M. Shower Steamers 

Energy & Mood Boost with pure essential oils.
Refreshing Morning scents of Citrus + Mint + Eucalyptus. 

10 shower steamers | 30g each.  


P.M. Shower Steamers 

Unwind vibes with an evening shower & pure essential oils.
Relaxing scents of Lemongrass + Tea Tree + Lavender + Ylang-Ylang.

10 shower steamers | 30g each.  

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